Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Teacher's Day

Happy teachers day to all teachers at SMK Sanzac, Kota Kinabalu. Wishing all of your are doing great. It's such a blessing to be doing noble job as teacher.

So, I googled for my ex-school official website and felt a bit disappointed and sad at the same time as it is "still under construction" after many years. The school has gone thru a lot of transformation physical-wise. Nice landscape and beautiful paintworks.

I'm positive that there are people within, that are IT-savvy and are more than capable of putting things in order. Ex-students, such as myself, only have this (website) to interact with their previous school, so, come on guys! Make it happen!

A bit of search and these are the nearest i could get:

Official website - (under construction)
Sanzac on FB?

Better and More info here (but last updated in 2006?)
Cleanly done and nice browsing navigation. If this is still up to date then I still know some of the academic staff, like Pn Goy Siew Kee who taught me Chemistry (not on the favourite subject list of many students, but I like it. It was challenging and interesting), and Pn Hayati Mahmud.

Appreciation and fondly remembered:
Mr Chuah Chong Leng
Pn Goy Siew Kee
Pn Syarifah Mariatun Syed Harun
En Zulkifli
Pn Ranjeet Kaur
En Mokhtar
En Sinin

Happy Teacher's Day