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  1. JDFloyd Pictures
  2. Idris Jala
  3. 1-million-dollar-blog
  4. Every bit has a story
  5. Gunsirit Tech news and articles
  6. Reboot your thinking
  7. Amelia Lyon Photography
  8. Gunaqz's Crazy Head
  9. Life Bridal
  10. Light + Life
  11. Tent Blogger
  12. The view from Taiwan
  14. My Opinion - Arnol Puyok
  15. Story from Managers
  16. Who am I Sabah
  17. Find your phone radiation level 
  18. SoyaCincau
  19. Benoa in Japan 
  20. MHS Green Technology - hybrid solar
  21. Dunia Realiti
  22. Tehramuan
  23. Green energy in Malaysia
  24. Sayadankameresaya
  25. Bluedianths Dot Com
  26. Mortgage Calculator UK
  27. Exabyte Web hosting
  28. Literasura
  29. The Stock Library
  30. Syllogic Thinks! RE and sustainable practices.
  31. Malaysia finance blog - Dali
  32. Rantings by MM
  33. SAYS Malaysia
  34. Micro Hydro in Borneo
  35. Truli Anglers
  36. DailyBlogMoney. Route to pro Blogger
  37. B&W NewsWire
  38. Don't risk losing your business assets
  39. Where to buy feather hair extensions
  40. SEDA Malaysia
  41. Chin Fah Kui, Datuk
  42. Trading in Bursa Malaysia
  43. My KL stock Portfolio
  44. Martin Wong's KLSE
  45. Remiser's NextTrade
  46. Malaysian Share Blogspot
  47. The Computery - Blog tutorial
  48. Amazing Race, Amazing Grace

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de engineur said...

To exchange link, do the following:
1) include my site, on your website,
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Website/blog title: The green horn
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Your site will be included in the blog roll once I've verified that my site link is included on your website.

Edwin Toh said...

Would like to exchange links

Website/blog title: The Stock Library
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de engineur said...

@Edwin Toh - done, thanks!

Truli Anglers said...

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Website/Blog Title: Truli Anglers
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Nino Kiki said...

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de engineur said...

Niko Kiki,
Thank you for your interest in this blog.
At the moment, we do not have the requirement for guest post yet.

Thank you,
The Green Mechanics.

Anonymous said...


i stumbled upon your blog while searching about coal plant issues in sabah.

i am with a NGO here in Sabah and would like to share a link of your blog in our facebook page if possible.

i also like to hear more about your opinion on certain issues here in sabah.

pls give some thoughts over it and contact me at


de engineur said...


Thank you for reading. You are welcome to share the content of this site in your NGO's facebook page.

Just a link back and give due credit will do.

The Green Mechanics

Mattress said...

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