Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Top 10 U.S. utilities that added most amount of solar capacity in 2013

Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) has come up with its latest utility solar report, which ranks the utility companies in the country that added the most amount of solar capacity in 2013.

In the U.S., California is in front with more than 5.5 GW of solar capacity installed so far. Image: REW

The top 10 utilities accounted for 82% of all integrated solar capacity in that year. Additional report findings show that 4.2 GW of solar capacity was installed in the U.S. in 2013, bringing total cumulative capacity to more than 10.5 GW.

“Large scale installations dominated the landscape and represented well over 50 percent of the capacity installed in 2013. The increase in percentage dominance among the top 10 utilities is not indicative of those beyond the top 10 slowing down, but is instead a sign that top ranking utilities are building more on a large scale."
- Eran Mahrer, SEPA VP of Research and Strategy

Top 10 Utilities by installation (MW)

  1. Pacific Gas & Electric (CA) - 1471 MW
  2. San Diego Gas & Electric (CA) - 643 MW
  3. Arizona Public Service (AZ) - 417 MW
  4. Southern California Edison (CA) - 373 MW
  5. Duke Energy Progress (NC, SC) - 137 MW
  6. National Grid (MA, RI) - 111 MW
  7. Public Service Electric & Gas (NJ) - 103 MW
  8. Hawaiian Electric (HI) - 98 MW
  9. Georgia Power (GA) - 59 MW
  10. Duke Energy Carolinas (NC, SC) - 58 MW

Watts per customer

The watts-per-customer rankings calculate the number of customers served in relation to a utility’s installed solar capacity. What this does is that it levels the playing field and enables an across-the-board comparison between utilities.

Top 10 Utilities by Watts-Per-Customer

  1. Sterling Municipal Light (MA) 831 W
  2. San Diego Gas & Electric (CA) 461 W
  3. Silicon Valley Power/City of Santa Clara (CA) 427 W
  4. Arizona Public Service (AZ) 368 W
  5. Hawaiian Electric Company (HI) 329 W
  6. Pacific Gas & Electric (CA) 281 W
  7. Hawaii Electric Light Co. (HI) 182 W
  8. Maui Electric Company Ltd. (HI) 178 W
  9. Kaua’i Island Utility Cooperative (HI) 167 W
  10. Imperial Irrigation District (CA) 159 W
You can read further at REW

TheGreenMechanics: In comparison, Malaysia's solar PV cumulative installed capacity so far is only at 109 MW (Source: SEDA portal, April 2014). But we have plan in place and we are optimistic that we will become one of the top Renewable Energy nations in South East Asia in time to come.

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