Friday, April 4, 2014

1,000 postings and counting

I realised that I've reached another tiny milestone today with my 1,000th post, which, unfortunately talks about the last thing you want on a hot dry afternoon - load shedding by SESB.

Right now, though, I'll talk about blogging.

Writing, and in particular, blogging has become a passion as it has taught me more than I has imagine when I first started about five years ago. It made me read more to get my facts right and along the way I get the benefit of learning new things everyday.

Think of it this way - when you write, you learn something but when you read to get your facts right, you learn ten times more.

My header for the past one year. Mt Kinabalu taken from a suspension bridge at Kg Damat, Tuaran Sabah.

Green living?

I started of with 'green living' concept at the back of my mind and with the data explosion that was to inevitably happen, I also had one tool of interest - mobile device. Technology that dictates the way data (and information) are shared move forward at  exponential pace especially one that concerns development of mobile devices. That is why I'm a gadget guy who keep himself updated with the latest that the technology has to offer (although I wont be able to afford them, LOL).

In 'green living', I am talking about sustainable lifestyle, sustainable sources of energy, energy efficiency, and saving mother earth from early demise. Okay, the last one will happen eventually no matter what, but I sure can contribute something to delay the inevitable, can't I?

My earlier postings were ( I should put it) a bit hasty perhaps, but I have matured into (I hope I have) a more responsible blogger now. And I intend to keep it the way it is now - 'blog responsibly'.

Renewable Energy in Malaysia

I have kept myself updated with Malaysia's path in making renewable resources significant part of the nation's energy generation mix.

5% of the total electricity generation capacity is our target for Renewable Energy in the generation mix come 2015. With the current pace of RE development, this seem a tall order but with the right strategy it is not an impossibility.

SEDA Malaysia is on the right track with its dynamic approach to the implementation of the FiT mechanism. Too rigid a policy and we would be outdated in our approach before we realise it, so SEDA has to revise its strategy often (which it currently does) and keep itself alert of the changes in the critical success factors along the way.

My team had an attempt at bringing solar PV project into the state a couple of years ago hoping Sabah would be included in the coverage of the Renewable Energy Act 2011, only to find ourself disappointed at the exclusion then. Now that Sabah and FT Labuan are in, we would try again to get things moving and mobilise our resources towards winning some quota.

2 percent surcharge in your electricity bill?

Next thing that SEDA (the statutory body administrating and managing the implementation of the feed-in tariff mechanism in Malaysia) need to do is to ensure there is sufficient fund to keep the Renewable Energy industry going.

I can see that you'd hate me for this but I believe that 2% levy will be the way to go, not too far in the future already. Two percent is still very low compared to other countries with FiT implemented but it is also one of the hardest variables to get people into agreement.

TheGreenMechanics conclude: I will keep writing, if not for others, I'd do it for myself as it'd in a way 'force' me to keep abreast with things of interest and in a small way the advertisement on this website help me pay for my subscription with web-hosting provider, GoDaddy. I've received a couple of cheques from Google for my participation in AdSense.


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