Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tablets that are loaded with both Android and Windows operating system

Mobile devices running on either Android or Windows are already more flexible, and they can be connected with other peripherals easier compared to Apple's. But manufacturers are not stopping there.

Chinese manufacturers are coming up with tablets that would be loaded with both Android and Windows 8. And they will come cheap; that's according to what was revealed during the International CES 2014 last week.

Tablet will load either one of the OSes on reboot and switch between them during operation.

Tablets running on both Windows and Android to cost $250

Four companies, all based in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, said at the show they'll start releasing the devices this quarter, with prices at around $250 (RM800).

Bmorn Technology displayed one such tablet, the W102, that it said can switch between the operating systems on reboot. It has a 10-inch, 1280 by 800 resolution screen, uses a 1.46GHz Intel Bay Trail processor, and comes with different storage and memory options.

Cheng Fong Digital-Tech is planning a tablet that can easily switch between the operating systems with a simple swipe of the screen. The upcoming tablet will use an Intel Bay Trail quad-core processor and has a 10-inch screen.

Bmorn and Cheng Fong sell their tablets to customers in Europe and the US.

Taiwanese PC maker Asus showed a PC convertible that can be used as both a tablet and a laptop, but also comes installed with both operating systems. An on-screen button lets users switch between Android and Windows with only 5 seconds wait in between.

TheGreenMechanics: Chinese manufacturers are flooding the market with cheap Android tablets, under little-known brand names. But they definitely have their market because when the price-and-quality is right they will have buyers.

The new trend of having tablets with both operating systems will sure give consumers more options and flexibility.

Source: MIS-Asia


thomas said...

Good for everyone when the chinese joins in.

de engineur said...

Hopefully it will push prices further down.