Saturday, January 18, 2014

Electric Scooter soon in Sabah

Quite recently I posted an article about Toyota's effort to encourage the use of clean vehicles in Japan, in particular electric vehicles.

The electric vehicle is called i-Road and rent starts at 200 Yen (about RM6.60) for the first 10 minutes then 20 Yen for every minute after that. Renting the car for an hour would cost 1,200 Yen (US$12) or about RM40.

With a similar idea, a local electric vehicle company has introduced its environmentally friendly Electric Scooter or e-Scooter to the public.

Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Datuk Ewon Ebin (right) taking a test ride on the e-Scooter.

Coming soon to Sabah

EcLiMO Sdn Bhd, a peninsula-based company will be expanding its business to Sabah in the near future and introducing the electric vehicle to consumers here.

The company invested RM27 million in the EV project and currently, it has leased 600 units of its e-Scooter to several fast food chain outlets such  as KFC, McDonald's and Pizza Hut among others for them to use in their daily dealings.

Electric vehicle   : ECLIMO ES11
Motor power       : 5 kW max
Transmission      : 100% direct drive (zero loss)
Energy  storage  : Lithium battery
Charging time     : 3 hours to fully charge
Max. Speed        : 80 km/h
Distance range   : up to 100 km per full charge

TheGreenMechanics: The idea is not new. During our trip to Shanghai last year a lot of the city dwellers use electric bikes and bicycles to commute and one can see thousands of them parked by the roadside.

Maybe it is not our idea of commuting here in Malaysia.


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Everybody is going for e-xxx now.

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jauh juga tu untuk 100km

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