Monday, January 6, 2014

Colourful nightview of the Supertrees at Garden by the Bay

The Supertree Grove is already a magnificent sight from both above (through the FlyerTM or Observation Deck) and from down below the 'tree' itself. But wait until you see them during the night.

They are showered with various light colours, a still picture would not do them justice; you have to take video of them or sit back and view them in person to appreciate the creativeness of those who put these things together to work the way they do.

I have taken some long exposure shots of this garden and they can be viewed at JD-Floyd Pictures.

One of the lights on display starting early evening.

More pictures at Night view of the Supertree Grove at Garden by the Bay.

Happy Monday!

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thomas said...

Wow!What a tree!