Saturday, November 23, 2013

You knew it! Bigger phones mean bigger bills

On average I use 4.5GB to 5GB of mobile data every month and I'm using a 4-inch iPhone smartphone.

For the guys who own phones with screen size of 4.5-inch and above, you are one of those using more data than I do - 7.2GB in average according to study. What this means is that you pay more bills as your phone screen goes up.

Research has shown that users of phones with bigger displays tend to consume more data. - AFPRelaxnews photo via The Star

Study by NPD Group in the US market and shows that owners of smartphones with screens that measure 4.5" upwards consume 44% more WiFi and cellular data each month - some 7.2GB in total - compared with the 5GB that owners of smaller smartphones average.

Bigger sized phones are getting more popular - in November 2012, only 11% of phones on the market boasted a 4.5" or greater display, but now 28% of current devices on sale fall into that category.

And who else's been driving this trend if not the Android fraternity!

The Samsung Galaxy S3, which was the flagship phone of 2012 was notable for its 4.5" screen and its popularity opened the doors to other manufacturers, such as Sony and LG. As a result, a 5" high resolution display has quickly become the standard for any handset that wants to claim flagship status.

It is not surprising then that the 2013 Samsung Galaxy S4 has a 5" HD display and the flagship phablet, the Galaxy Note 3 is 5.5" in screen size.

What are these bigger phones being used for?

NPD Group says they are predominantly for:
  • social media
  • navigation, such asGoogle Maps
  • music and video
  • use of the Pandora Radio app

TheGreenMechanics: I'm a bit disappointed that my current iPhone 5S is only 4" in screen size but as a consolation, I now have 2 reasons to be elated - I can hold and use the phone with a single hand, and I'd unlikely be consuming more data (and higher bills) than my mates with Galaxy S4 or Note 3 in their hands!

The study was conducted in the US, but it can just be as indicative and as relevant here in Malaysia.

Source: The Star Tech-News


rainfield61 said...

So I pay very less as my Nokia is only "half-smart".

de engineur said...

I think I'll stick to my lagging-behind-4-inch-screen phone