Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pulau Gandang, Tuaran

Are you in a holiday mood this weekend? Why not go fishing.

If fishing is not your cup of tea, lazying in the sun, or just watch the kids play along the sandy beach would be a good idea to unwind.

Pulau Gandang
Pulau Gandang (pulau is island in Malay) is not actually island as it is a long curved beach off Sulaman road in Tuaran. The cape extending long into the water along the beach front probably lead people to call this place 'island'

Pulau Gandang fishing

Happy weekend! And hopefully Manchester United play well against Stoke City tonight. Otherwise they can say goodbye to next year's Champions League tournament.


rainfield61 said...

Yes, I am in a holiday mood and am going to attend convocation of my eldest son this coming Tuesday.

de engineur said...

Congratulation to your son!

Holiday aside, what a huge relief after Man United came from behind to beat Stoke City 3 - 2. That's more like it for the defending champions