Friday, September 6, 2013

Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone driving 55% increase in mobile phoneDisplay Revenues in 2013

Just to keep us abreast of the latest development in the display technology - used in smartphones, laptops, desktps, TVs, etc.

Source: NPD DisplaySearch

Mobile phone display market is split into two:
  • AMOLED and LTPS TFT LCDs - high-end smartphone models,
  • a-Si TFT LCD  - low-priced, high-volume smartphone models.

Not surprisingly, in the mobile phone sector, Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone lead the way in terms of deployment of displays/screens. The huge increase in revenue means more people are getting themselves smartphones. 

Meaning, family members 'talking' to their mobile devices more than talking to each other while at dining table would become a common sight.

Demand for larger, High-resolution smartphones increased

Increased demand for higher resolution, larger touch-enabled smartphones is leading to strong revenue growth in the mobile phone display market in 2013.

According to the Quarterly Mobile Phone Display Shipment and Forecast Report by NPD DisplaySearch, overall mobile phone display revenues are expected to reach $33.3 billion by the end of this year, which is a 55% increase over 2012.

This revenue growth is being driven by rising smartphone display average selling prices (ASPs). Shipments of mobile phone displays are expected to grow 15% in 2013, reaching 1.9 billion units.

Samsung with its Galaxy S4 series and Apple with its iPhone 5 series, continue to increase production volume and market share. The growth in sales for these popular smartphone brands has led to increased requirements for high-end flat panel displays, including AMOLED used in the Galaxy S4 and LTPS TFT LCD used in the iPhone 5.

The increase in OLED mobile phone display revenue can be primarily attributed to the growth in the size and resolution of AMOLED displays, as Samsung moves from Galaxy S3 models (4.8” 1280 × 720) to Galaxy S4 (5.0” 1920 × 1080, with on-cell touch).

Similarly, LTPS TFT LCD revenue growth can be attributed to the shift from the iPhone 4S (3.5” 960 × 640) to the iPhone 5 (4.0” 1164 × 640, with in-cell touch).

AMOLED is expected to take the lead in mobile phone display revenues in 2013, accounting for a 37% share, closely followed by LTPS TFT LCD with 36.1% and a-Si TFT LCD with 26.5%.

Source:  NPD Displaysearch

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