Thursday, August 29, 2013

SEDA Malaysia announced final release of 1,500kW Solar PV quota for Individuals

Rooftop solar PV. Image credit: Green Remodel Forum

Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia (SEDA Malaysia) announced the release of 1,500kW of solar photovoltaic (PV) quota for the individuals in three batches.

The quota for individual under the Solar Home Rooftop Programme will be released at noon on:-
  • 28th August 2013 (Wednesday)       - 500kW
  • 4th September 2013 (Wednesday)   - 500kW
  • 11th September 2013 (Wednesday) - 500kW

After 11th September 2013, there will be no more release of any solar PV quota for the individuals because it is not realistic for these individual Feed-In Approvals Holders (FiAHs) to be able to achieve commercial operation of their PV system by year end.

Any renewable energy projects which are supposed to achieve commercial operation by this year and fails to do so will incur further degression to their FiT rate as stipulated in their Feed-In Approval (FiA) certificate. It is thus important for all FiAHs to note for solar PV for the individuals, the degression rate is 8% whilst for the non-individuals, it is 20%.

Preventing potential abuse

In order to prevent any potential abuse of solar PV quota for the individuals, effective 28th August 2013, the solar PV quota for the individual will be applicable only for residential premises under individual names only.

However applicants who are applying as an enterprise/sole proprietor/partnership for buildings or premises registered under individual names will also be allowed to apply for a FiA under the individual quota.

Useful reminder

SEDA Malaysia reminds all interested FiA applicants to comply with all the requirements during application as follows:
  1. Ensure all information submitted through the e-FiT online system is accurate, clear and precise as any ambiguity may result in automatic refusal;
  2. Declaration form must be uploaded to the e-FiT online system within three (3) calendar days from the application date; and
  3. The hardcopy of the declaration form and proof of payment of application and processing fees must be received by SEDA Malaysia within seven (7) calendar days from the application date.

TheGreenMechanics: According to SEDA Malaysia, as at end of July 2013, it has approved renewable energy capacity is 509.75 MW but so far only 112.44 MW is connected to the grid. We are a bit slow in implementing approved projects!

Source: SEDA Malaysia press release, dated 27th August 2013


Pool Solar Heaters said...

I am happy to knew that majority of all countries around the world not just Malaysia are already adopted Solar Technology. With the major overriding environmental issue of our planet today, we must do action.. and going green using solar energy is one great alternative.

teh ramuan said...

memang agak lambat tu
adakah disengajakan atau ada sebab2 lain

rainfield61 said...

Wonder how good is the response from the public about this project.

de engineur said...

Pick up is slow, esp the individual category but non-individual (company/enterprise) quota is always snapped within an hour of opening.

It will take sometime to see many roofs with solar panels on top