Sunday, July 21, 2013

Petrol prices around the World, and Malaysia - July 2013

Many of us have been complaining about the price of petrol in Malaysia and there are numerous calls for revamp of the fuel subsidy policy. We say that, as an oil producing nation, Malaysia should be at a position to offer its citizen a lower petrol prices, just like those in Arab countries.

I found this unleaded gasoline price comparison when I visited Cikgu Tehramuan's blog and decided to share it here for our reference.

Note about the source ( The data are drawn from a variety of sources including official government materials, oil companies, online resources specializing in gas prices, and others.

Petrol prices in Malaysia, compared with other South East Asia nations and major economies:

Among South East Asian countries, Brunei is cheapest with Malaysia coming in second. It is most expensive to refill your tank if you are driving in Singapore.

Global comparison of unleaded petrol prices:

Figure 1 & 2: World's unleaded gasoline prices, July 2013

You pay almost none in Venezuela while it is hard to make ends meet for the the average drivers in Turkey. You can tailor this according to the currency of your country by visiting MyTravelCost.

The Green Mechanics 2 cents'

Even so, I think there are still a lot more to be desired in the fuel subsidy policy in Malaysia. One thing that is obvious is that, car prices are extremely high here. It is like you are paying an up-front amount of money to subsidise your fuel for the next 10 to 15 years.

I would rather have un-subsidised fuel, and I get to purchase my car at half the current price. That way, I would be the one managing the way I spend on gas, such as, how much I travel, when to drive and when to use the public transport, etc.

If I can buy a Toyota Altis or a Honda Accord or a Nissan Teana at less than half of the current price, then yeah, why not!

Source: MyTravelCost


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thomas said...

Hopefully fuel prices can be maintained at present level if not whatever extra wage increase will be eaten up.

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harap2 harga tak naik lagi
tak daya nak isi tangki nanti

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