Thursday, July 18, 2013

Maxis network and coverage not improving!

This may seem like generalising things and hence unfair to Maxis but in my particular case, this is true - Maxis 3G network and coverage is not improving. At least not in my area in Penampang.

Before anyone start accusing me of trying to put Maxis in bad light, let me put the record straight - I have 3 accounts (or package subscriptions) with Maxis, i.e. Surfmore75, Maxis Value for iPad, and Mobile Broadband with modem.

I have terminated my TM Streamyx unlimited access earlier this year after deducing that Maxis is able to cater for my broadband requirement.

"No Service" - This was the time I made inquiry and complaint to Maxis Customer Care. 18-7-2013

Celcom 3G - The other telco shows 3G network with fair signal level. See top-right of the display.

Another screen capture 16 minutes later after contacting Maxis. Sorry buddy, no 3G for you!

At the time this article was posted (1.45pm), my iPhone was still showing signal of 1 bar and no 3G connectivity. This is despite having done all the tests/settings mentioned by the Customer Services officer on the other end of the line.

Not the first prolonged hiccup

I have experienced similar poor network coverage before and made similar complaint. It was on June 28, 2013. I was told at that time that Maxis was carrying out some upgrading works on the telecommunication tower, or their equipment, or something to that meaning. My wife, who is also a Maxis customer suffered the same "No Service" treatment by the supposedly better-then-your-competitor telco.

I have to put this in record as I may need to refer to the dates later if needed be.

TheGreenMechanics: I'm just a small ant and I couldn't possibly hurt the giant telecommunication company by switching to DiGi or Celcom, but as a customer I will do what I think is right for me in due course.

BTW, Maxis Customer Care number is 03-7492 2123


thomas said...

most of the telco are not up to mark as they are too much competition when they are supposed to be sharing for eg towers to save cost for other equipment.

Angie said...

I share your grieviences as I am a Maxis user too. :(. I think Digi would be a better alternative. During my travel with friends to Telupid earlier this year, all Digi users were happily connected, while mine was giving out No Service signal :(.. how frustrating is that.

rainfield61 said...

How frustrating is that.

I share your view.

CJane said...

Back in KL, DiGi broadband has been my best friend. Back here in Sabah, Streamyx has been so kind to me , so far. If they continue to give me this good service, I might consider upgrading it...

Maybe you should consider DiGi? :)

de engineur said...

In Sabah, where blackout is a weekly affair, the telcos should work together to put in power backup system (battery or standby gensets or combination of both).
This way, not only they share the cost of building towers but they ensure system downtime is minimised if not eliminated altogether.