Monday, July 8, 2013

Free street solar chargers in New York

This is a joint effort pilot initiative by several companies. It provides free solar mobile charging stations at selected locations in New York City where the public can charge their phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

The charging 'tree' is about 12.5-foot high. Photo credit: AT&T

Specification and features

Solar panel            : 3 x 15-watt solar panels
Battery                  : 168 watt-hour, Lithium ion pack
Charging capacity  : Up to 6 devices for several days without exposure to the sun.
Power outlet          : 5V, max output 2 Amp
Socket                  : Old and new iPhone power plug, micro-USB
System providers   : Funded by AT&T, solar panels technology by Goal Zero, designed by Pensa.

The pilot project is intended to provide a sustainable, green solution for mobile charging.
Photo credit: AT&T

All major mobile devices will be supported through multiple connectors at each station, and an integrated battery will allow for charges even during nighttime. Photo credit: Engadget


First, there's this security issues with regards to would-be thief lurching, but this is something the service provider needs to address; together with the local/city authority.

Secondly, it's probably impractical to wait there to recharge your mobile device battery completely, but if you have a few minutes to spare, it'll be very handy while you are out there taking a walk or chatting with friends.

Nonetheless, this is something our town council or city hall can replicate here in Malaysia. In fact there's already pilot project in Kota Kinabalu city to build a Green Taxi Station that provide essentially the same as what AT&T offers in NYC.

Source: AT&T,


teh ramuan said...

memang terbaik la
negara kita juga patutnya ada benda macam ni
satu kemudahan percuma untuk masyarakat

de engineur said...

Pilot project can be done in the rural area, for access to cellular communication.

Now, where are the philanthrophists

yorker said...

Crap! It's a publicity stunt by AT&T

Callme said...

Nothing is free anymore, mate!

Neal Caffrey said...

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azg george said...

I agree with Callme. But this is an innovative idea!

Susan Springfield said...

Yepp & it's still working good today

yank said...

the folks will eventually pay for it one way or another, trust me

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Bob the builder said...

Should make this available at every bus station

Romilda Gareth said...

Nice blog