Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Selangor has the largest number of Green Buildings

Green Building is not just a term or a definition.

Green buildings (GBs) help you save money through reduced energy and water consumption, and for housing development projects, in a long run GBs lower down the operations and maintenance costs. You can also apply this concept to a house you plan to build.

According to Eco-B Workshop 2013 which was held recently in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor has the largest number of GBI projects, meaning more buildings with the green concept accreditation.

Artist impression of Bandar Rimbayu, Kota Kemuning Selangor. Image credit: starproperty.my

Ken Rimba in Shah Alam is known as Malaysia's 1st Award Wining Green Township. Photo credit: budiey.com

The case for Green Buildings

Selangor is leading in terms of having the largest number of registered green building index (GBI) projects, totalling 166, with Kuala Lumpur following closely behind. The following is the list of states/territories in Malaysia with GBI projects:

  No State/Territory      GBI projects
1 Selangor 166
2 Kuala Lumpur 117
3 Penang 31
4 Putrajaya 21
5 Johor 16
6 Malacca 10
8 Negeri Sembilan 6
7 Pahang 6
9 Sabah 5
10 Sarawak 5
11 Perak 4
12 Kedah 1
13 Kelantan 1
14 Terengganu 0
15 Labuan 0

There is a total of 389 registered GBI projects in Malaysia. Of this, 125 of them have been certified. The 125 figure includes the latest batch of certified projects announced at the recent Eco-B Workshop 2013 in Kuala Lumpur.

The latest batch includes:

  • Tun Razak Exchange (township) under the platinum category, the highest classification for GBs under the GBI. This brings to a total of six projects falling under this category.
  • Bandar Rimbayu, formerly Canal City (township) under the silver category, thus contributing to a total of 19 projects under this category.
  • Ken Rimba (township).
  • Ken Rimba Legian Residences (residential new construction or RNC).
  • First Residence (RNC) by TSI Domain Sdn Bhd.
  • Hotel Penaga (non-residential) under the gold category, the second highest classification under the GBI.
  • Digi Technology Operation Centre (non-residential), which also falls under the gold category. This brings to a total of 28 projects under this category.
  • Lam Soon Distribution Centre (industrial new construction or INC).

GBI Township rating criteria

The rating criteria for a GBI township involve six areas: climate, energy and water; ecology and environment; community planning and design; transportation and connectivity; building and resources, as well as business and innovation.

Source : The Sun - ePaper


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