Monday, June 17, 2013

Privatisation of SESB a failure?

You have to read this and take it with a pinch of salt.

At face value, it is a serious allegation but if you read the whole article, you will begin to understand why he/she said what he/she wrote. I reproduced it from Daily Express weekend readers' submission. What do I think about it? I think we still have the most blackouts in the whole country!

Almost blackout? Full moon shot at | 200mm | f/8 | 1/25s | ISO 200 |

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Here is a reproduce of the DE reader's letter:

Privatisation of SESB a failure

I refer to the strong criticism by new Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Raymond Tan on SESB staff regarding the numerous blackouts.

I was witness when he was invited to launch the new SESB red uniform introduced by Datuk Baharin of TNB. Raymond was then full of praise for the SESB management for reporting to him that the SAIDI (big word for blackout data) was greatly reduced.

So, why only berate the low level staff for so-called blackouts and not reporting the real reasons for the return of more blackouts?

Why not refer to Dr. Maximus Ongkili, the Minister of Energy who made lots of promises recently.

He can also refer to the Chairman for both SESB and TNB, namely Datuk Leo Moggie or call the CEO of TNB or MD of SESB, En. Razak Salim to ask about the blackouts.

While he is talking to these top guys, he should also ask why after all the glamorous efforts in filling the walls of TNB and SESB with certificates in ISO9001, SEMS, 5S, EWRMS and hundreds of other certificates, Sabah blackouts have not changed since SESB was called SEB under the State Government?

Achieving the ISO9001 certification means that the company had standardised their processes and procedures and have achieved high qualities in products and services.

That means SESB must have the highest quality of blackouts in this country. Hence, Raymond must either choose to congratulate them on their ISO9001 success or tell them to stop wasting their time, energy and resource on this rubbish ISO in order to get rid of the blackouts.

EWRMS means a system of managing risk and if they have been certified, then they would have minimised all the risk of getting blackouts. If the blackouts have returned, then someone in TNB must be lying about their EWRMS and it is better to stop this nonsense.

The results may be only for glamour of TNB top officials to justify their datukship prospects.

The public deserve to know that before privatisation of SESB, it used to be known as Lembaga Letrik Sabah (LLS) and there was none of all the glamour activities except for SEMS which was an important safety management system. In those days, the blackouts were there but not as bad.

Hence the privatisation of LLS after more than 15 years has proven to be a total failure if everyone including BN Ministers are still condemning SESB on the blackouts.

However, BN Ministers should stop condemning the poor SESB ordinary staff and blame themselves because SESB is fully under the control of the Federal Government.

SabahLeak, ex-staff of LLS 

Daily Express, June 16, 2013, pp20.

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