Sunday, June 9, 2013

Apple is throttling iPhone data speed?

If you are iPhone user, there is reason for you to be concerned about - report says that Apple is collaborating with 3 major carriers in the US to "soft throttle" data speeds for iPhone in their networks.

Although the throttling is not to a point where users experience 'crawling' speed, iPhone users are said to be losing out to Samsung Galaxy users in terms of true potential of the device.

“I’m not saying the throttling is a typical throttle where you see 2G speeds. It's a soft throttle to slow users down a bit.”
- Joseph Brown, a well known iPhone hacker.

I hope this is nothing more than a mere allegation.

If that happen in Malaysia and iPhone's true potential is purposely manipulated to "even it out" with the telcos' capability, I will seriously consider switching to Android.

How about a download speed of 28.6 Mbps such as this one? I'm drooling.

iPhone Data Speed Throttling? Say It Ain’t So, Apple!

Is Apple  throttling your iPhone’s true data speed?

Joseph Brown, who is probably best-known for previously creating several iPhone carrier hacks, posted the details of his discovery on the iTweakiOS site. Via Cult of Mac, Brown states, “Apple and the carriers have implanted coding to purposely slow down or limit the data speeds the device can achieve… iPhones are very complex devices with a very complex OS.

The OS eats much more data, even when in idle mode, than most phones on the market. So by carrier request, Apple limits devices to ‘even out’ the network, even if it means Galaxy users outperform Apple devices by such large scales.”

Brown notes that the throttling code is found in both iPhones and iPads on AT&T’s network. Verizon throttles data speeds for Apple’s mobile devices on its 4G LTE network. Verizon and Sprint both slow down data speeds on their 3G networks, although their data throttling can be circumvented with a hack.

However, Sprint does not appear to throttle data speeds on its high-speed network. T-Mobile might be the best option for Apple device users, since it appears to do the least throttling of any carrier.

Brown posted screenshots of iOS code from an AT&T iPhone 5 that demonstrates how the network speed settings are switched from 21.1 Mbps to14.4 Mbps, despite the fact that AT&T’s network and the iPhone 5 support speeds as high as 21.1 Mbps.

Via his Twitter account, Brown points out, “I’m not saying the throttling is a typical throttle where you see 2G speeds. It's a soft throttle to slow users down a bit.”

Further reading at: WSCS and iphonefaq. There are interesting debates there on the allegation.


rainfield61 said...

Not many are not a iPhone user.

I am one of them.

And I am the one who are still using a not-very-intelligent handphone.

Adam said...

I wouldn't be surprised if they do that

de engineur said...

rainfield61 - there are many things we still do the old way. The 'intelligent' phone has its downside too.

Angie said...

looks like you've been visited by Anon aka spammers here. I get that a lot..grrr

de engineur said...

These spams are a nuisance, I wish Blogger can provide better codes to filter them out.