Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Solar-powered drone that would violate your privacy 24/7

You've heard of the Flying Car which people say is now 'pretty' close to reality.

Now your privacy will be further violated by this unmanned solar-powered drone because it can fly all day without the need for refueling and its surveillance cameras will allow the owner to see things like the hawks do.

Welcome Silent FalconTM - now you can "Fly Silent, Fly Longer, See More"

The Silent Falcon, launched last year, is a 6-foot-long unmanned aircraft that can be launched by hand and can fly for up to 14 hours.

  • Price                   : $250,000 to $300,000 (up to RM900,000)
  • Origin                  : New Mexico, US
  • Size                    : 6-foot long (just about the size of an average human)
  • Power source     : Light weight solar panels
  • Length of flight   : up to 14 hours in full daylight

Targeted markets are the likes of private military contractors and militaries including those in Brazil, India, and Thailand.

Any interest from Malaysia? Ten units of Silent Falcon for $3 million should be a peanut compared to the $500 mil Scorpene submarine we purchased sometime ago.

The Silent Falcon in action, to watch over you!

At 6-foot long, it is light enough to be launched by hand.

This small plane can beam back HD video and is silent from a distance of 30 m

Sources: Forbes, Silent Falcon UAS Technologies
Images: Credit to Silent Falcon website (link given above)

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