Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Truly green?

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de engineur said...

Will this be the future of the green movement? This is taken from a solar farm in Germany - greentechmedia

With companies around the globe setting up many new, massive solar farms, you can't stop but ask if the 'green' job of weeding out the vegetation is actually more than the green job (and energy) provided by the farm.

If you don't maintain them, solar farms will not produce energy. So where is the "20-year of free green energy" slogan coming from?


DLSL said...

Yup exactly. U just can't simply build and leave it just like that. If not for the explanation given above, I would have no idea what the hell is that. :D

Joe said...

Half way works... Where is the freaking maintenance?

rainfield61 said...

So green will not help us to go green, sometimes.

Dana said...

I agree. I can't see how this can work without maintenance.

Adam said...

worlds collide?

gunsirit a.k.a kitou said...

Would love to have this in my kebun gatah hehehe..

tehr said...

kenapa boleh jadi sampai macam ni
bagi aku je lagi bagus
dah lama aku mahu benda ni