Thursday, March 7, 2013

Two Malaysians among World's 100 richest

While it is none of mine and your business to know their wealth, it is good to just get some inspiration to know who make it to the top of the chart financially. Among the many billionaires listed by Forbes magazine recently we have two Malaysians in the top ten.

Tables: Net worth calculated March 2013.

World's richest - mostly from United States

According to Forbes rich list, Robert Kuok remains Malaysia's richest person with a fortune of US$12.5 billion (RM39 billion). His holdings include the Shangri-La Hotels, Kerry Properties and the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong's leading English-language newspaper.

Malaysia's richest (Top 10 with two of them in the world's 100 richest persons)

Source: Forbes


Dunia Realiti said...

Makin ramai org malaysia kaya raya sekarang ni...

de engineur said...

They are blessed with wealth. Yg penting mereka masih berpijak dibumi nyata.

tehr said...

moga2 mereka juga seorang yang pemurah

Anonymous said...

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