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2MW landfill gas plant powers up 1000 homes

Thanks to innovative people.

According to Malaysia Book of Records, the biogas power plant at the Air Hitam Sanitary Landfill in Puchong is the first plant in the country to generate electricity using landfill gas.

About the landfill gas power plant:

Location                             : Puchong, Selangor
Landfill name                    : Worldwide Landfill Parks (renamed after being rehabilitated)
Generating capacity          : 2 MW
Feed-in tariff scheme         : Biogas (energy is sold to TNB at RM0.40/kWh for 16 years)
Feed-in tariff approval       : Since March 2012
Energy source                   : Landfill - solid wastes collected from around Klang Valley since 1995
Stored energy                   : The land-filled waste can sustain energy production for at least 16 years
Number of homes served  : about 1,000 although some reports stated 2,000 households.
Others                               : The park is open to visitors and researchers.

Zamri Abdul Rahman (left) showing SEDA CEO, Badriyah Abdul Malek (second right) and other SEDA representatives on how the methane gas is siphoned out for producing electric energy. Pic by NST/Che Rani Che Din

The Puchong Experience: 2 MW is produced at landfill gas plant

The methane gas from the Air Hitam Sanitary Landfill in Puchong -- generated from the waste accumulated over the past 10 years -- is now being put to good use to produce electricity.

The gas, found in landfills, is converted into electricity in a gas power plant that transfers the gas from underground pipes into an energy converter to produce, on average, two mega watts of energy every month. The electricity output is said to be able to power about a thousand households.

The landfill, which was closed after it reached its maximum use in 2006, was rehabilitated and renamed as Worldwide Landfills Park, with the renewable energy project undertaken by Worldwide Landfills Sdn Bhd. The landfill, saturated with 6.2 million metric tonnes of waste from its decade-old operations, can produce the 2MW energy for at least another 16 years.

The project was initiated in 2004, in cooperation with TNB Energy Services Sdn Bhd.

According to Worldwide Holdings Bhd general manager (environment) Zamri Abdul Rahman, the landfill was recently named as the first sanitary landfill to produce 2MW electricity in the Malaysia Book of Records.

"We are proud of the achievement and recognition given for the landfill. Nevertheless, our aim is to produce renewable energy from the waste at this former landfill," he said.

He said the project was initiated to supply power to the landfill operations but with TNB's participation, the electricity produced is now sold to TNB for 40 sen per kilo watt.

"The 2MW energy will be channelled to the main national power grid," he said.

Zamri added the Worldwide Landfills Park is open to visitors, especially students or agencies carrying out research on waste management and environmental studies. He said the company was looking at other landfills to convert them into power producers.

Zamri was speaking at a briefing session on the plant's operation to Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) chief executive officer Badriyah Abdul Malek and SEDA board members.
Source: New Straits Times

TheGreenMechanics' two cents: 

We have a solid waste dumping site near Kota Kinabalu located in Kayu Madang Telipok which I think would have been filled beyond its capacity by now. Some estimates this facility to be covering up to 145 hectares in lanfill area.

The dumping site has been there for more than 10 years and there's every possibility that this could surpass the capacity and sustainability of the gas power plant in Puchong, Selangor.

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