Monday, February 25, 2013

Wi-Fi: What are the health risks related to it?

It is good that most of your computing works today are seamless and done wirelessly, thanks to WiFi technology. But the more you use it the more you'll be wondering if there've been health risks linked to it.

         Radio waves emitted through Wi-Fi technology are at much lower intensities.

What is Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is the name of a wireless networking technology that allows an electronic device to exchange data wirelessly and it provide high-speed Internet and network connections. It is based on radio waves whose frequency is similar to that of microwaves.

Any ill health effect?

Given what microwave ovens can do to, say, meats, chicken nuggets, it is perhaps not surprising that there has been concern that exposure to Wi-Fi could be unhealthy. Fortunately, however, while they are found to be used everywhere, Wi-Fi waves are emitted at far lower intensities than microwaves in ovens. As a result, they cannot produce anything like the same heating effect.

Even so, some people still worry that perhaps even this far weaker effect could cause damage after years of exposure. To date, epidemiologists have failed to uncover any consistent evidence for even long-term effects.

It does, however, suggest that the health effects, if there are any, are pretty weak, and that we should worry about more hazardous things, such as tripping over all the cables we would need if we did not use Wi-Fi devices.

Technology, as it seem, is something you cannot go without.

References: Sciencefocus and The guardian


LifeRamblings said...

Wifi and a score of other wireless techs are everywhere these days. even hospitals offer such services too.

rainfield61 said...

This is the cost of new technologies.

gunsirit a.k.a kitou said...

I use wifi at home, thankfully it is not emitting dangerous wave as you explained here. I think even smartphones are emitting some sort of wave.

tehr said...

bahaya memang ada
tapi aku fikir akan ambil masa yang sangat lama

Meitzeu said...

The creation of wifi is convenient and it just a must now a days.

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Angie said...

Gosh, I'd be a little lost without wifi haha. If there is indeed high health risk, I dare not not imagine.. :)

Dana said...

I have wondered about this before. In fact, I wonder about health risks associated with all technology. All these things, like the Wi-Fi and microwaves you mentioned, are ubiquitous, though, so I guess it's pointless to worry.

Enjoyed this! Thanks.