Thursday, February 7, 2013

Seminar on Lightning and Surge Protection for Solar PV Installations

This is good for people who are currently involved in solar PV or those who simply want to enhance their knowledge in Lightning Protection Design and Surge Protection Design requirements for solar PV installations including large PV farms and small residential systems in Malaysia.

This is SEDA Malaysia's commitment to ensure that qualified persons receives updated information on solar PV including design, operation and maintenance, and the safety aspects.

The one day workshop titled   “Introduction of Lightning and Surge Protection Guideline for Solar PV Installations” covers among others, the conditions and protection requirements for lightning and surge protection designs in Malaysia. It is important to ensure that all solar PV installations in Malaysia comply and adhere to the safety requirements with regards to lightning protection.

Limited to 100 participants only:

Date        : 14th March 2013 (Thursday)
Time       : 8.30 am – 5.00 p.m
Venue     : Marriott Hotel, Putrajaya
Fee          : RM 500 / Person

Topics that will be covered in this workshop/seminar:

1) Introduction To Malaysian Lightning Condition and Required Protection

2) Lightning Protection Design Requirement for:
a) PV Farms
b) PV on Commercial Rooftops
c) PV on Residential Rooftops
3) Surge Protection Design Requirement for
a) PV Farms
b) PV on Commercial Rooftops
c) PV on Residential Rooftops

More information can be obtained from SEDA official website.


tehr said...

aku memang tak boleh turut serta la
aku bukannya tahu apa2 hal ni

bro tak turut serta ke?

de engineur said...

tehr - tak. Bukan priority skrg, bro.

A year ago, it maybe a big possibility but since FIT scheme by SEDA has been suspended for Sabah, the endevour will become unattractive for now.

Maybe next time.