Friday, November 9, 2012

Sabah suspended Ayamas imports

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Hello, my name is Ayam.
My personal take: Rightly or wrongly, it is a necessary measure when public health and safety is at stake. The government of the day is duty-bound to safeguard the well being of the rakyat - you and me.

Just like what Sarawak did (earlier and promptly),  Sabah too has temporarily suspended importation of Ayamas poultry products following revelation that a banned antibiotic was detected in a sample of the brand’s chicken frankfurter.

The local print media reported yesterday that Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry, Yahya Hussin said the Department of Veterinary Services and Animal Industry Sabah (DOVSAI) had immediately issued a directive to all operators in the state not to import and sell some of the Ayamas products suspected to be contaminated.

There was no immediate list of Ayamas products that were suspended though. To me, this would be the next critical piece of information after the ban announcement. If you are so sure of it, why keep the list wrapped?

Datuk Yahya Hussin:
“We have taken the necessary precautionary measures, which is to ban the products from being imported to Sabah. The authorities are dealing with the issue and necessary actions have been taken, including a thorough inspection of Ayamas products."

But Health Minister says no antibiotics found

Datuk Liow Tiong Lai:
“The laboratory tests showed that there was no Chloramphenicol in the products. If there were, we would have acted immediately to remove the products from the market."

That was prompt!

Similarly, we are expecting Sabah's DOVSAI to tell us what' next. We have not heard from them yet but I bet it's going to be a lengthy decision judging from Yahya's  statement that 'the ban would be enforced until the Ministry of Health had completed its investigation and cleared the products in question'.

Meanwhile, there's no harm going for alternative products if you have been buying Ayamas brand all this while. 


Source: The Borneo Post, Nov. 8, 2012


Wak Gelas™ said...

wak pon dh lama X makan ayamas bahh.. uhhUUus

Angie said...

Gosh why is another party saying that banned antibiotic is detected while another says there's none. Who can we believe then. Perhaps Datuk Liow should show us and give us the confidence that there is none by eating Ayamas in public. :)

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