Monday, August 20, 2012

9.5 MW Mini Hydropower plants in Tuaran?

I was looking for information on how to develop a low-head micro hydro generator and found this proposed 9.5 MW Mini Hydropower plant in the District of Tuaran, on Scribd.

It is very interesting as the river (Sungai Tuaran/Kiulu) has been talked about as a suitable area for developing mini hydropower for sometime now. The salient features of the project is summarised in the following table.

Table 1: Salient features of the project

This working paper was written few years back by Afiepower Sdn Bhd and coffeeshop talk among the population at the affected area has it that the approval for the hydro-power scheme has been given although no confirmation of this from any government agencies or the local authority yet.

Brief facts about the project

Developer             : Afipower Sdn Bhd (JV between Afie Enterprise S/B and H2RM Engineering S/B)
Location                : 20 km Southeast of Tamparuli, on the 3 major tributaries of Tuaran River
                                (Sg. Mantaranau, Sg. Mulau 1 and Sg. Mulau 2)
Cost                      : RM96.9 million
Completion           : Within 24 months
Scheme                : Build-Own-Operate, BOO
Mode of operation   : Run-off-river concept
Latitude/Longitude  : N06°05’028”-05°56’528” and E116°17’308”-116°23’372”
Total catchment area: 230 km sq
EIA report: done, although no documentation seen yet

Installed capacity         : 9.5 MW, consist of:
                                          Sg. Mulau 1: 5 MW
                                          Sg Mantaranau: 2.5 MW
                                          Sg. Mulau 1: 2 MW
Export capacity              : 9.12 MW
Generator rated voltage   : 3.3kV, 50Hz, pf. 0.85
Feeding to SESB line     : transformed 11kW fed to a 11/33kV substation at Kg Pukak
Selling price                  : 19.5 cents/kWh
Licence period               : 21 years (proposed PPA)

You can also get access to this documentation at Scribd by clicking the link below. Enjoy reading:


No diagrams and detailed construction dimensions as these were not uploaded to Scribd by the document uploader.

Hope this is an interesting read for many.


thomas said...

Looks like a very good and environmentally friendly proposal for a power hungry state,
i think the public shouldn't object to this.

de engineur said...

The project looks like a venture capital, whereby the developer become the financier, owner & operator. No single cent from the govt. or SESB.

Problem is, the developer/owner didn't start on a good note; no proper PR with the affected residents was done and they felt that some interested quarters are trying to bulldoze this project without taking into account their interest.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for development. Just need it to be done in a transparent, responsible and inclusive manner.

Truli Anglers said...

Never heard of this until now. Though I live in Tamparuli.. (Truli).. Thanks for the info.