Friday, September 30, 2011

What's wrong with Undilah

My wife and I were on our way to work early this morning when we're tuned in to the 7.00am national news.

In simple terms the news talked about 'Undilah' video clip being BANNED and taken off-air.

I have not seen it on TV myself but the announcement of its immediate stoppage from being broadcasted irked me and that prompted a quick google session first thing in the morning. The reasoning by the Minister was lame, or, am I a 'lame duck' now for failing to understand that the "video clip offended certain segments of society"?

I'm not going to hurl comments here but I will let you read for yourself what the big guns have to say:
  1. Rais said it offended certain segments of society
  2. Contains anti-BN messages - claimed Kota Belud MP
  3. The MCMC comes under fire from the 'stars' themselves. Now I get it!
  4. MCMC says nothing to do with contents. Should've blocked it long ago if not approved.

We've had enough of what others said. Let's see in the following clip, which part of the play "offends" you:

My personal view is that it is something good. I'm also part of the society but I don't feel offended by the content of the clip. Now, where has the pledge to-express-yourself-freely-without-discrimination gone?


thomas said...

Offended,yes, we are ,we the voters are the boss and not those we voted up.
They are our workers!
No work no pay and off you go.

de engineur said...
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de engineur said...

Some of the ministers are acting as hastily as primary school students. They are shooting themselves in the foot.

Armstrong said...

Dude, have you watched Nasi Lemak 2.0?

de engineur said...

Armstrong, no I haven't but since you mentioned it I'll make it a point to check that one out a bit later.