Thursday, July 7, 2011

SMK Nabalu construction yet to commence?

If you read the local newspapers the past couple of days - Daily Express, The Borneo Post - Where's your promise?, New Sabah Times - yesterday and today, chances are you will read one leader ticking off another to defend himself aka 'menegakkan benang yang basah', our way of saying 'I'm right and I stand by it'.

"Dr.Puad ticked off Masidi for labelling him as an outsider who made empty promises". Read more about it here.

The next day Datuk Masidi expressed his appreciation and welcomed Dr. Puad’s announcement that the construction of the SMK Nabalu would commence next month, but 'stood by what I've said' earlier.

When it comes to how the leaders administer the country, I don't normally care too much about 'who says what' and prefer to care more about 'what was accomplished'. I do not have too much interest in politics but I care and feel strongly about decisions made that affect the people in general, and especially if that happens near me. I think it is just natural to feel that way. I certainly don't look at our pemimpin-pemimpin handalan as outsiders. But if the action or the lack of it brings about difficulties in my daily routines then it is only fair that I have my say on a thing or two.

Should you (and I) make a fuss about this?

Education is the foundation of tomorrow's progressive, innovative and knowledgeable generation. Educating people can be done anywhere and anytime but a school is still the ideal place to do it efficiently.

People around Pekan Nabalu has been asking for a secondary school for a long time now; if I can recall correctly that happened during the tenure of the previous Tuaran MP, Mr. Yunof Maringking. I was still a student myself back then. Subsequent MP replaced him in Datuk Madius Tangau later and he was vocal enough in Parliment meetings to ensure the people's wishes, including this proposed school, are brought up to the attention of the cabinet. Both men hail from this area. I like Tangau's contemporary style, he connects well with the old and young generation. Maringking used to be more laid back but I enjoyed visiting his law firm office in Kota Kinabalu.

The current MP for Tuaran is Datuk Mojilip Bumburing.

Now that Datuk Masidi Manjun is the state minister entrusted with the responsibility to take care of educational issues in Sabah, it is only fair that he channels his effort in ensuring that the people of Nabalu get the appropriate education facilities such as school.

While I disagree with the utterance of the word 'outsider', I totally stand by him for his chili-hot outburst on the inaction of the Deputy Eduaction Minister. In fact I wouldn't even call it outburst; it was a mere gentle reminder.

masidi with paragliders800
Datuk Masidi Manjun talks to participants of the Worls Class Paragliding Event in Tamparuli, 2010

Deputy PM (cum Education Minister) approved the construction of SMK Nabalu in August 2009 for RM35mil and of course he will expect his deputy to do the necessary to get the job done. To be fair, about six to nine months is needed to take care of the financial and technicalities before the construction can actually go ahead. It has been almost 2 years now and any layman such as myself, would but can't help thinking some one is not doing his job, or some one is purposely delaying taking action. The next general election is now lurking and it add spices to the perception that leaders are only waking up when their terms are almost up.

Let's support a leader who is willing to 'make noise' for the Rakyat

So, come on Datuk Masidi! Don't let this guy stop you from doing your job. People can love or hate you but as long as you kick, hard-hit, bicker with, or tick off your peers in honest manner and with clear conscience I am totally with you. "Spank" them if you need to, I'm okay with that!

I like your style! I like leaders who speak up for the rakyat without fear or favour on issues that need attention.


To sign off, let's share this. I like it, really.

"kalau pembinaan SMK Nabalu tidak bermula tahun hadapan tuan-tuan boleh penggal kepala saya" (if the SMK Nabalu construction does not start next year you all can chop off my head). - quote Daily Express, 6/7/2011 Front Page.


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We need more leaders who really speak up for the rakyat. Good post, Floyd. I hope the school construction will begin soon.

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