Saturday, June 4, 2011


The most anticipated peak to the harvest festival celebration is the crowning of the festival queen, known as Unduk Ngadau in the Kadazandusun language. I will not elaborate on its significance but if you have the time you can find further readings on Unduk Ngadau here.

Bo Tiza600x800
Unduk Ngadau 2011: Miss Bo Tiza A. Disimon. She's said to have received prizes totalling not less than RM38,000.00

The final of the 2011 Unduk Ngadau pageant was held as follows:

Date : 31 May 2011
Venue: Hongkod Koisaan KDCA, Penampang, Sabah
Time : 12.00 noon - 4.30pm

Enjoy some of the many pics captured during the final. Please ask for permission should you like to use any of them in your online or writings and or publications.

crystal n seven800
The seven vying for the seat currently occupied by Miss Crystal Eve Huminodun.

Seven Winners800
The seven unduk ngadau's waiting anxiously for the winners announcement.

4th place 600x800
One UN after another left the group, to be considered unlucky this time around.
Here, Miss Sophie Angela Kutam of Ranau in the 4th place proceed to receive her trophy from Her Majesty the wife of Sabah TYT.

top three560x750 frame
Then it was down to the three of them.

constantine teasing800
"Constant, cukup-cukup lah bah ko kasi tambah nervous dia orang tu.."
Constantine (teasing Bo Tiza and Jovenea) and Lalita (not in the pic) were the masters of ceremony that day.

1st runner up 600x800
1st Runner Up: Miss Jovenea Jim Lajim (Tamparuli)

2nd runner up 600x800
2nd Runner Up: Miss Caroline Anthony (Tuaran)

winners 1 2 3-800 frame
Unduk Ngadau, Miss Bo Tiza Disimon of Penampang is flanked by Miss Jovenea Jim Lajim of Tamparuli (left) and Miss Caroline Anthony of Tuaran (right).


winners with 7 - 800
The 7 recepients of the main prizes:
1st Runner Up: Jovenea Jim Lajim (Tamparuli)
2nd Runner Up: Caroline Anthony (Tuaran)
4th Place: Sophie Angela Kutam (Ranau)
5th Place: Rachel M. Alliun (Kota Kinabalu)
6th Place: Alvera Raymond Kisil (Sandakan)
7th Place: Adeline Joyce Masidah (Likas)

And...last but not the least,
Crystal Eve569x750 wmark
Not forgetting Miss Crystal Eve Huminodun the reigning 2010 Unduk Ngadau. Today is the final day of official duties for her.

Congratulation to all the winners & Kotobian tadau tagayo do Kaamatan.

Note: I'm not a professional photographer meaning I don't make money out of photography and I know these images aren't as great but they are copyrighted and under no circumstances should they be used or caused to be used without prior and informed consent from me, the rightful owner.


Wyne @ Mouren Mauve said...

I was hoping the UN Ranau get the UN State Level. Anyway, teda nasib lah sumandak Ranau ini tahun!

©t-Ba said...

just wondering why the UN consistence their hair all same? ^^!! by da way thanks for sharing bro.

SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

Cantik cantik oh.

floyd said...

t-BA > i think it's the tradition of the UN pageant to set the hair that way.

you can spot diffetent hairstyles during Gala Night such as this:
normally held a day before the final round.
***pardon the crap pics, i was using a point-and-shoot compact in low light.

©t-Ba said...

wow im so surprise the link that u gave. That is my first time see the UN hair its freely like that lol. By the way according my fren, their hair must be set like that when the finale judgment because the hair is symbolic for the Gong. (^^,)Y

gunsirit said...

Saya minat juga tinguk unduk ngadau ni..tapi kanapa rambut durang tu kambang2..kasi lah lurus2 ka nxt time mcm tu rebonding..heheh

floyd said...

gunsirit > nanti huminodun marah debilang...

Alv0808 said...

Congrats to all of many comments this year hahhaa...

beaty said...

Cantik bh ni ko punya juga ni...

anyway I aspect my district my representative will win..but Tahniah la sama durang semua

Anonymous said...

alawa ne 2 UN Ranau..

Kirstz said...

Congratulations to the winner! Such a lovely ladies. Hoping to see a festival like this again this 2015! :)

de engineur said...

Thanks for dropping by Kirstz.
This year, similar festival will kick start on 1st May in a small town of Tambunan in Sabah.