Wednesday, March 9, 2011

RAW Processing

I am a reader of Photo Malaysia web and would like to share a very practical video of how to get the best from RAW files.This was contributed by Photo Malaysia member and his nick is jackljane.

The sound was stripped but he promised to upload another video with sound later. This was in response to a newbie photographer's question as to why he keep getting dull and lifeless pictures.

Been reading from Digital Camera magazine for sometime now but there is always something new when looking at video of other people's work. For a not-so-experienced photographer such as myself, this is a good start.

Give it a go, it's about 10 minutes and is just nice during your lunch break.

In case you don't know what is RAW files, find out here. Or visit Ken Rockwell's version if you like him.

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Alv0808 said...

Wah this look new to me..hehe..will find out it soon..thanks for sharing