Sunday, March 13, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Ace

Don't mistake the Galaxy Ace for the Galaxy-S as they are pronounced almost similar.

Fiddled briefly with the Galaxy Ace few days ago at Karamunsing Complex and it feels easy on the palm. Size almost as big as the iPhone 3GS but first impression is that the build quality is miles behind the iPhone. If the iPhone's response to the finger flick is like breeze and fast, expect a slower response from this. Of course I should not compare the two as the price and target market are different. Alright, I'm just looking for a simple phone that is decent but not flashy.

This is the latest release and is priced much cheaper. Retailed at RM999.00 but street price could be lower and from my initial survey this week, one can get it for RM980.00 (Release date: Feb 2011).

By comparison, Galaxy-S is retailed at RM2,599 and could be had at RM1900-RM2000 depending on memory size. (Release date Mar 2010). There's already an updated version, Galaxy-S2 coming up and this, I think, should give iPhone 4 a run for the money.

Hope to get hold of one Galaxy Ace next week and come back to give feedback to this posting.

I am using this as a second handset and it is not delivering what's expected - ease of browsing the internet, connecting to WiFi, one-hand typing. It is slow.

After using it for the past 1 year, it seem to have slowed down so much that you basically have to wait for quite a while for it to respond to each click (touch) of a button.

de engineur, June 2012

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