Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cartoonist - Out of his mind?

This is the caricature by Selangor born cartoonist, Mohd Zohri Sukimi, 52, better known as Zoy.

I am a Malaysian and am proud to be one but I'm not proud at all with what this cartoonist did.

What was in his mind? Trying to portray that no matter how big and strong you are, you can never match the the hands of God?

I think he was out of his mind! He stooped so lowly to kids-having-fun level and made fun out of it. Out of others' misery. I'm not impressed at all!

Let's put this into perspective:

Ultraman is a character in many TV programs and is well known primarily among children and kids (although some adults watch them as well).
It is therefore, purely for fun and humor, and nothing near reality. Shoving this kind of "brilliance" to Berita Harian readers' throat at this time of calamity is absolutely uncalled for.

Kepada mereka yang membuat ulasan dalam Bahasa Malaysia dengan cuba mempertahankan lukisan Zoy sebagai nukilan beliau untuk menggambarkan kekuasaan Sang Pencipta, saya katakan begini:

Minda saya simpel, seperti juga minda anak-anak yang menjadi penonton utama siri Ultraman di televisyen. Lukisan anda juga simpel dan ia mengundang sifat semulajadi golongan ini: Ketawa! Kenapa? Kerana pada dasarnya tujuan siri TV ini adalah untuk hiburan.

Victims of tsunami do not need to become your source of "hiburan".

There are a lot of people bashing Malaysian in other oversea forum as well as other International news portal, CNN. To these people, I say that our hearts are with the victims and their families. We certainly do not subscribe to the idea of Berita Harian (whatever they mean by the publication).

By the way, there are two definitions for "Out of his mind" by Cambridge Dictionary:

i) unable to behave or deal with things normally because something has made you very worried, unhappy or angry, and

ii) extremely stupid or mentally ill

come on, take your pick!


Alv0808 said...

I agree with you. We cant make jokes for something bad happened to others. Since he is very good in drawing, why dont he draws with motivational to the grief persons in Japan

disciple said...

He is a very talented cartoonist. It is like a "slip of the tongue" kind of thing. I just hope he is man enough to admit it and apologies. We can move on knowing he is clear in his conscience. God knows best