Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Better Way to Unleash "That Talent"..?

 A lot of people in Kota Kinabalu are very talented and we have lots of youngsters (and not discounting the older ones) who are very good at "painting" our walls with graffiti.

Mention public or paid washrooms at shopping malls and gross graffiti immediately comes to mind. Go on, check out some toilets at Centre Point Sabah, Wisma Merdeka, especially male toilets, and get entertained with scribbles, sketches, and fancy hand written arty expressions; mostly vulgar words.

I like the efforts by some street artists turning the appearance of the ruins of the old North Borneo Land and Survey building into something more pleasing to the eyes. Stroll along Standard Chartered Bank building towards Tong Hing and you will not miss the sight.

Built in 1910s the wooden building was destroyed by fire in 1992. It remained abandoned until today and in the middle of a developing city it is an eyesore to the passers by.

Look at it today, the remaining columns are interestingly painted and decorated. Subjects of painting is up to the talents. They have messages of their own. I was parked the other day and it so happened that few young people were busy doing what they do best. Great sight.

streetArt landSurvey800
The building skeletons viewed from Suria Sabah

tweety on floor800
ms. tweety on the floor

"The facets of misery goes beyond human skin" - interesting caption.


street art2 800

street art1 800

spray paint800
Spray painter should at least wear mask, such as him.

"I Love My Antu gonie"

If you ask me whether I've asked for their permission to take their pictures, yes I kindly requested.

Me : Bro, boleh saya ambil gambar kau kah?
Him: Boleh bah, ambik saja.
Me: Great work here! Kamu kena kasi bayarankah buat lukisan banyak ni?
Him: Teda, kami saja2 bah ni buat. Ramai lagi org yg lain buat.
Me : Oo bah, trima kasih aah (kemudian beredar balik kereta).


©t-Ba said...

nice thread bro. hope i can go there to untuk tembak tembak nanti hehehe.

floyd said...

t-Ba, okay bro. Sunset mungkin bagus, atau try night lighting

LaDy Of MaRs said...

ya dulu tembok² ne tebiar seja kan.. cantik pulak suda durang buat grafiti gni... kalo p kk mimang mau p tinguk neh. mmg nice owh.

floyd said...

LaDy Of MaRs, ngam juga. Mesti tengok, mana tau esok lusa kena roboh sdh untuk buat bangunan baru.

princess adonai said...

santik o floyd! been a fan of this graffiti since God knows when.. great shots!

de engineur said...

princess adonai > take your time. Sekejap saja tu, pastu mantap sudah tu shots.