Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Teacher's Day

Happy teachers day to all teachers at SMK Sanzac, Kota Kinabalu. Wishing all of your are doing great. It's such a blessing to be doing noble job as teacher.

So, I googled for my ex-school official website and felt a bit disappointed and sad at the same time as it is "still under construction" after many years. The school has gone thru a lot of transformation physical-wise. Nice landscape and beautiful paintworks.

I'm positive that there are people within, that are IT-savvy and are more than capable of putting things in order. Ex-students, such as myself, only have this (website) to interact with their previous school, so, come on guys! Make it happen!

A bit of search and these are the nearest i could get:

Official website - (under construction)
Sanzac on FB?

Better and More info here (but last updated in 2006?)
Cleanly done and nice browsing navigation. If this is still up to date then I still know some of the academic staff, like Pn Goy Siew Kee who taught me Chemistry (not on the favourite subject list of many students, but I like it. It was challenging and interesting), and Pn Hayati Mahmud.

Appreciation and fondly remembered:
Mr Chuah Chong Leng
Pn Goy Siew Kee
Pn Syarifah Mariatun Syed Harun
En Zulkifli
Pn Ranjeet Kaur
En Mokhtar
En Sinin

Happy Teacher's Day

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leonghw said...

Trying to reach your teacher, Mr Chuah Choon Leng:

Hi, I am a varsity classmate of your former teacher, Mr Chuan Choon Leng. My name is Leong Hon Wai and we used to be in MU doing Mathematics. He was originally from Ipoh. Many of his classmates are trying to reach him. Please tell him to contact me at or call at +65 9673-4003 or go to the Yahoo Group:

Thanks in advance.