Wednesday, August 5, 2009

RM100mil for Second Astronaut?

The topic may have taken a back seat lately, but I believe the Government hasn't shut the idea off completely that this would come true in the near future. If the first mission to send our first astronaut to space cost us RM100 million, then you'd expect no less than this amount to send a second man up.

I am no way near to agreeing to that idea. The first mission was not a total failure, or waste, as some believe but it has not benefited the masses in moderate ways, what more in big ways. The MOSTI contracted Dr. Muszaffar for 1 year and during the contract period it was controversially alleged that he did more for himself than to the society, notably the gossip that he charged exorbitantly for talks and speeches.

If the intention is to still send a second astronaut, please call it off now! We have had enough! If inspiration was the reason, we've had one. If cancer cell research is another, we don't need that as even the first so call research is now shelved wit no apparent result, at least that's what I know thus far.

Put the RM100mil to better use!

Spend the RM100,000,000 to help the poor in Kelantan, Sabah, Sarawak, etc., where there are many people still without livable houses. Spend the money on installing solar power systems in the remote areas. No doubt you can be nearer to the solar (sun) when going to the space but that wouldn't harness the energy any better.

RM100m would be able to light up more than 400 rural villages of average 30 household per kampung with average power supply of 1kW - 1.5kW per household. This would be remembered and positively impact the people for sure, and this is more crucially needed compared to spending it to "give the youngs the inspiration" on technological advancement in the area of aerospace.

Please say NO to "Second Astronaut" and YES to alleviating the standard of living in the rural areas!

What do you think?

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LonTugi said...

No!!! It'll be a total waste of money again... We do not need another "astronaut" blowing bubbles in space!

:: bluedianthus :: said...

Just one "Angkasawan" is more than enough for Malaysia..RM100mil, invest for malaysian people...more worthy...Thanks

C.Alv.B said...

I totally agree with you all..anyway what kind of 'investment' that Malaysia get after sending the astronaut to the moon?..

de Engineur said...

we probably put our name in the book and in the front page of many tabloids - as a return of investment - for sending our doctor to the space. But that's it, it's just for advertisement.