Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Solar PV Leases available for 6 million EU homes

This looks like an interesting business model for entrepreneurs and venture capitalist.

If the growth and prices of solar panels are in check, and the government have a clear long term policy on RE development, leasing one's roof for installation of solar PV may be viable. Look at what EU did in that part of the world:

Solar leasing for home with no upfront costs, anyone? Image credit: MSS Powertech

Joint effort by different craft specialists

European municipal utility network Trianel GmbH and Conergy launched a partnership that enables municipal utilities in the Trianel network to offer solar leasing for homes with no upfront costs. Under the terms of the agreement, Conergy will design, install and maintain solar installations tailored for each customer.

Trianel is a network bringing together municipal electric utilities that develops new business models to support their independence and competitiveness. Its 100-plus shareholders supply a combined 6 million homes in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland. 

“Services such as Trianel’s ‘EnergieDach’ follow a trend that will boost solar installations in the residential segment.” - Anke Johannes, CEO at Conergy Deutschland GmbH

Trianel’s “EnergieDach” service enables municipal utilities to install residential PV systems at no cost to homeowners. The utility undertakes the initial investment, set up, and operational management of the system. 

The customer, as system operator and leaseholder, uses the electricity generated for their own consumption. Tests in Heidelberg, Germany demonstrated that customers should save as much as €9,000 (US $13,000) over the 25-year term of the lease, with the option to buy additional electricity at preferential rates.

The Green Mechanics' two cents

The quota for the individual Solar PV installation - also called rooftop solar PV in Malaysia - is available for a longer period of time compared the non-individual (utility scale) quota. This is partly due to the apparent lack of awareness on the benefits, particularly in Sabah. It is understood that individual quota in Peninsula Malaysia is snapped up as soon as they become available.

When we have ran out of quota under the FiT system, and as prices of solar PV components become more competitive, we could perhaps give solar PV leasing a go.

Reference: REW Magazine | Mar/Apr 2015 Issue 18

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

GST rates of other countries and Malaysia's compared

IThe final countdown is on. By April 1, 2015 we will join the 90% of the world's population to 'enjoy' the much debated Good and Services Tax.

The concept of GST (Goods and Services Tax) - not to be mistaken for the current Government Sales and Service Tax, GST - was invented by a French tax official in the 1950s. In some countries it is known as VAT, or Value-Added Tax.

Today, more than 160 nations, including the European Union and Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, Singapore and China practice this form of taxation. Roughly 90% of the world's population live in countries with VAT or GST.

Here are some of the tax rates of countries around the world who have implement GST or VAT:

Table 1: Selected nations around Malaysia and other Commonwealth countries.

Do I agree with implementation of GST in Malaysia?

It doesn't matter. Really. What I agree or disagree is not important; it is going to happen regardless.

I have this to say though:-

To the people who manage the tax money we pay: Just be prudent, transparent with the expenses. Put the money to good use. 

To fellow consumers: If you think tax is bad, then you should also be against the current taxation system, especially individual tax. No one want to pay tax, right. Me included.

But since it is legal requirement, we might as well share the burden. All of us