Sunday, July 13, 2014

A 'Continent Showdown' between Germany and Argentina

Tonight (tomorrow morning), football fans from around the world will witness the unfolding of what seemed to be a nail-biting final match of this year’s World Cup: Germany versus Argentina.

I am an England supporter but with their World Cup campaign cut short, I am now rooting for Germany. But that's my preference, you are absolutely free to support your favourite team. So, let's watch likes of Messi and Muller play in few hour's time.

Meanwhile, here are some facts about both teams:

Germany vs Argentina

Their distinctive roads to the final:

Germany vs Argentina

May the best team win. I will update this page as soon as the final result is known tomorrow.

Update @5.50am Malaysia time:
Germany won the 2014 World Cup, beating Argentina 1 - 0 with substitute Mario Gotze scoring the winner during extra time (112th minute).

Well done Germany!

Info-graphic source: Astro Awani


Arms said...

That match was awesome, kan. So suspense. Argentina had chances but dunno why it wasn't on target.

In the end, the substitute was the man they needed.

Happy Wednesday, bro.

de engineur said...

Haha I'm glad Germany beat them.

But watching Brazil shredded into pieces was even better!

Good day, Arms