Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Good bye Moyes, move on Manchester United

It's now official - David Moyes is sacked by Manchester United.

I could see it was coming for sometime now as rumours has been circulating - his days at Old Trafford was numbered. It's sad to see him go but I believe the timing is perfect - United has 4 more games to cool down before the end of a torrid season.

For the players, they could do themselves a bit of favour in earning some respect by winning the remaining games. The paying fans deserve it!

My collection: Been a United fan for some time now.

Was it right to give him the sack?

They did this a lot of time at other Premier League clubs but sacking a manager 10 months into a job is not the United way.

But while some may disagree, I will sit on the other side and say that sacking him was a no brainer. 

Failing to qualify for the prestigious Champions League for the first time since 1995, losing in all 3 domestic competitions, failed miserably in his attempts to sign top players, and worse of all losing big to the club he previously managed. Losing to Everton means that someone is doing a better job than he did during his days at Goodison Park, and that he fared poorly at Old Trafford.

What this also mean is that the board was left with little option but to cut their losses.

Moyes's last game in charge was a 2-0 loss at his former club Everton, which confirmed that United would not compete in the Champions League next season. It was a pain watching that game; United moved the ball very slowly and when approaching the opponent penalty box, they lacked creativity. They were vulnerable to counter attacks and the defense was in disarray numerous times. It was sooo not United!

Start afresh

People say when you are at rock bottom there is only one way: Up!

Let's start afresh and bring back the glory to Old Trafford. This is one of the biggest clubs with great tradition and it takes some beating to write them of completely.

Alex Ferguson is a big gap to fill but there are many coaches out there who can do great jobs. GLORY GLORY MAN. UNITED!

TheGreenMechanics: Goodbye David Moyes. In Malaysia we say 'Selamat jalan Moyes'.

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