Monday, March 31, 2014

Maxis: No service during power outages

It's not fair!

I could come up with lesser than decent comment but I would settle for that for the time being.

Quality of service in the area where I reside (Penampang) is just poor. Every time there's power failure, the internet and telecommunication services would be interrupted, leading me to believe that Maxis does not have standby power for the anticipated power outages. Frequent power disruption on the part of SESB should not translate into similarly poor performance by Maxis.

                                     Screenshot 1

                                     Screenshot 2

                                     Screenshot 3

Power supply failure would quickly be followed by interruption of 3G service (Screenshot 3), and if the power outage prolong, the wireless communication would completely stop (Screenshot 1 and 2).

Maxis should at least provide bigger energy storage (battery) to keep the services going at reduced mode. There's no point shouting about installing more 4G LTE stations if they become dis-functional during power failures!

Note: The other mobile phone which is on Celcom does not seem to be much affected.

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