Friday, March 21, 2014

Affordable personal clouds launched in Malaysia by Western Digital

Are you currently keeping tonnes of pictures, video clips, music or documents in your hard drives and intend to access them from anywhere, anytime? Why not create your own cloud storage?

Western Digital has announced the availability of two My Cloud devices that are meant for home users and small business owner who need some form of networked storage that is affordable.

They are Western Digital My Cloud and Western Digital My Cloud EX2.

Western Digital My Cloud - for personal (home use)

The My Cloud is a single drive network storage device that provides you with your own cloud storage solution without the need to register or pay for any cloud storage services. When connected to the internet via an RJ-45 cable, you can access My Cloud from anywhere in the world as long as your computer or smartphone or tablet is connected to the internet.

Meanwhile, the My Cloud EX2 is a two-bay variant of the older My Cloud EX4 four-bay network-attached storage (NAS). Similar to the EX4, the EX2 is designed for professionals and prosumers that need a reliable device to save, back-up, stream and manage large amounts of data.

Relative size of the My Cloud EX2 (left) and My Cloud (right). Photo: Computerworld Malaysia

Both My Cloud and My Cloud EX2 has desktop and mobile apps that enable you to access the NAS from wherever you are and they can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS stores.

Apart from the obvious, they can also serve as a home's digital entertainment hub that can then be streamed to any DLNA-certified multimedia device such as a WD TV Live media player, smart TVs, etc.

MyCloud and My Cloud EX2: Prices

These storage devices are now available at select retailers nationwide, with prices starting from RM499 for the My Cloud and from RM1,159 for the My Cloud EX2. The retailed prices are as follow:

My Cloud 2TB - RM499
My Cloud 3TB - RM649
My Cloud 4TB - RM799

My Cloud EX2, 4TB - RM1,159
My Cloud EX2, 6TB - RM1,459
My Cloud EX2, 8TB - RM1,959

To have an idea and expert opinion of these network-attached storage devices, you can read online reviews here:

1) Western Digital My Cloud - by Engadget and PC Magazine
2) Western Digital My Cloud EX2 - by Cnet and PC Magazine

TheGreenMechanics: I'm going to check them out at Low Yat Plaza a little bit later this evening to find out the street prices.


thomas said...

still not sure what is the difference from hard drive.

de engineur said...

hard drive ---> just a normal hard disk

my cloud ----> hard disk with internet connection module.