Tuesday, February 11, 2014

This smartphone will self-destruct in 5 seconds

In future there is a suggestion that all phones come with a “kill switch”, which would render the phone unusable if it was stolen.

It was proposed by a senator in California and if passed it will become a law that would make it mandatory for smartphone manufacturers to include theft protection security on each phone.

This should concern everyone.

The proposers claimed it will shut down the market for stolen devices.

Problem is, this would also provide opportunity for hackers and criminals to "kill" and disable your phone, and it would still have the same effect of losing your phone.

That is for the general consumers. How about sensitive (national security) issues?

IBM is said to be working on electronics for the U.S. military that will self-destruct on command to ensure that powerful devices holding critical data stay out of the hands of the enemy.

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), the U.S. military's research arm, awarded a $3.4 million contract for its "Vanishing Programmable Resources" program to IBM on Jan. 31.

"Sophisticated electronics can be made at low cost and are increasingly pervasive throughout the battlefield. However, it is nearly impossible to track and recover every device resulting in unintended accumulation in the environment and potential unauthorized use and compromise of intellectual property and technological advantage." - DARPA on its website.

DARPA said on its website that it's looking for devices, such as sensors, radios and phones, that work as well as off-the-shelf commercial options but can be remotely triggered to break apart.

IBM has been tasked with developing materials, components and manufacturing capabilities. The company, according to DARPA, is working on a "strained glass substrate" that will shatter. A trigger, such as a fuse, will be used in at least one, if not multiple, areas on the device.

The trigger would be set off by a radio-frequency signal.

Source: Computerworld Malaysia

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