Friday, February 28, 2014

Submission of income tax Forms through e-filing starts on Sunday, March 2

For taxpayers like you and me, it's wise to get things done early.

You can start submitting your Income Tax Return Form for the Year of Assessment 2013, through e-filing starting Sunday.

The Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) said in a statement Thursday that the dateline for employers (Form E) is March 31, while for residents and non-residents with non-business income (Form BE and M), it is April 30.

The deadline for residents and non-residents with business income (Form B and M) as well as partnerships (Form P) is June 30.

For queries and further information, contact the LHDN call centre at 1-300-88-3010 or log on to the LHDN website at The same dates apply for manual submission.

It is a job you and me need to fulfill. So, let's pay what is due.

Source: Inland Revenue Board, LHDN

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