Monday, February 10, 2014

Schneider and Areva partner to develop storage technology

This collaboration should spur storage technology growth further!

That way, Richard Branson would not have to wait too long to shift his Necker Island to 100% renewable energy. The wealthy man is currently targetting 75% of power supply in the resort island sourced from wind and solar by 2015.

PVtech reported this week that nuclear and renewable energy technology engineer, Areva has teamed up with renewables energy generator and distributor, Schneider Electric to develop hydrogen fuel cell storage technology.

Areva has used hydrogen fuel cell storage technology since 2011, connecting the Greenenergy Box to a 560kW PV system in Corsica. Image: Wikipedia

Partnership by two energy giants

The deal between Areva and Schneider Electric will see the pair jointly design and propose new storage technology solutions to improve grid security, especially for isolated areas with limited power access.

Areva has agreed to provide its Greenenergy Box – a storage solution using an electrolyzer and fuel cell. The box stores the hydrogen and oxygen from the electrolysis of water when energy demand is low, to compensate for peak demand. Areva has used this technology since 2011, connecting the Greenenergy Box to a 560kW PV system in Corsica. The box will soon also be hooked up to a 35kW system in La Croix Valmer in the south of France.

Schneider is hoping the partnership will assist in its goal of achieving grid parity for renewable energy, reducing power disruption and decreasing grid connection complications.

Areva will benefit from Schneider’s international presence and expertise in utility-scale and grid connected renewable energy projects.

Source: PVtech

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