Thursday, January 2, 2014

Samsung announced industry-leading 8-Gigabit LPDDR4 mobile RAM chip

With this announcement, future Samsung mobile devices could be fitted with bigger 4GB RAM and it could be realised as early as this month during the International CES trade show in Las Vegas.

Thinking of Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 already?

Another industry's first. Image credit Samsung Tomorrow

What this means is that, Samsung will be able to offer a breakthrough 4GB dynamic RAM chips which would be 50% faster than the current fastest LPDDR3 RAM.

In simple terms, you have more performance in your hand (literally). More importantly it uses 40% less energy compared to the latest chip - your battery should last longer!

Samsung Develops Industry’s First 8Gb LPDDR4 Mobile DRAM

Samsung has developed the industry's first 8 Gigabit LPDDR4 (low power double data rate) mobile DRAM. By combining four of them, the electronics giant claimed a high-end smartphone or tablet can get 4GB of RAM.

Today many expensive smartphones have 2GB of RAM, while Samsung's own Galaxy Note 3 has 3GB.

The memory increase and performance improvement offered by Samsung's chip will result in faster, more responsive applications and will open the door for more advanced features as well as higher resolution displays, according to the company.

The product also consumes less power than current memory chipsets, it said. Other expected smartphone trends for 2014 are faster LTE network connections and faster processors.

TheGreenMechanics: The latest Apple flagship, the iPhone 5S uses only 1GB of RAM compared to Samsung's 2GB and 3GB  on its high-end mobile devices. But the 5S feels pretty fast and perform just as good. Maybe it's how the operating system is written/programmed that matters.

I'm happy with what I have, save for the battery performance. I really need my smartphone to last longer than a day on continuous usage.

Source: Samsung

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