Thursday, January 16, 2014

Graffiti at the ruins of the former North Borneo Land and Survey building

This was captured with a phone cam last weekend.

This place has been the venue for freelance artists to showcase their passion for painting for sometime now. Previously I posted pictures of some young people expressing their thoughts through painting here.

It used to be the location of the former North Borneo Land and Survey building. The wooden building was built in 1910s but was destroyed by fire in 1992. It remained abandoned until today and in the middle of a busy city, it is an eyesore to passers by. Well, sort of.

Eyesore it maybe, but it is also an attention-grabber in a slightly nicer way now.

Smile....say Konica!

"AMAT - a local did this"


Stay tuned because these paintings change every now and then.


Joanne Juend said...

sorry but i never look at it as an eyesore because everytime i passed by there, it always has new art :)

Jesse Miller said...

The bigger picture is arts. If u look at it in detailed, rubbishes are there too. That might what make the total image of it as an eye sore rather than an amazing sightseeing of street arts :)

de engineur said...

A little bit of sprucing up and cleaning the vegetation should give this place more punch in the look department.

Paintings should be more coordinated