Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Solar and wind potential power supply alternatives for Sabah

To 'revolutionise' is a bit of an over-statement especially with regards to wind turbine but with up to 36 km/h (10 m/s) of wind speed as the study found, this is not impossible to achieve. Wind turbines starts generating electricity when the wind speed is 3 m/s but to make any venture viable, the speed has to be 5 m/s or more.

The demo units constructed in the feasibility study in Kudat generate a modest 34.8 kW of power - 25 kW from wind turbines  and the remaining 9.8 kW from solar PV.

This is too small a demo to scale an installation size that can 'revolutionise'  electricity generation on Sabah, but the result of the study is at least promising.

With regards to solar PV, Sabah - in particular, Kota Kinabalu - is known for being the best location (meaning highest solar irradiation) in Malaysia for photovoltaic installation.

Daily Express, December 9, 2013 - page 2

Solar And Wind Turbine Renewable Energy Can Revolutionise Electricity Generation In Sabah
Source: Bernama, December 8

Renewable energy from solar and wind turbine is not only an excellent power alternative for the future but it can also revolutionise electricity generation in Sabah, says Science, Technology and Inovation Minister Datuk Dr Ewon Ebin.

He said Sabah had its own uniqueness as it endowed was rich natural resources which could be used to generate renewable energy and contribute to economic development.

"Operational cost for power generation is extremelly high and power producers like Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd face a great challenge and the problem has been further aggravated by the inconsistent hike in fuel prices.

"As such, the government always welcomes any party that can come foward to explore and apply green energy and simultaneously support the government's move to develop sustainable energy," he said when launching two TechnoFund Mosti projects here Sunday.

The projects, the Application of Wind Technology System for Energy Generation and the Sustainable Thin Film PV Building and the Renewable Energy Generation, have been entrusted to Sirim Bhd by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation for research and development.

Overall, the projects can generate 25 kw of wind turbine power and 9.8 kw of solar energy.

The power generated can light up a resort near the project site in Tg Simpang Mengayau and can be supplied and stored in a battery system.

Ewon said the research findings can be developed on a large scale, commercially, and can contribute towards reducing the number of power interruptions in Sabah.

It can also bring cheer to the many rural residents who live far away from grid areas.

In the long-term, renewable energy can become a big alternative to the current practice of generating electricity from fuel oil, charcoal, diesel and hydro reservoirs which incur huge operational costs.

TechnoFund is a grant scheme funded by Mosti which covers 13 projects under the Renewable Energy Task Force.

Established by the Cabinet, the scheme provides funding for technology development, up to pre-commercialisation stage, with the commercial potential to create new businesses and generate economic wealth for the nation.

TheGreenMechanics: SIRIM Berhad and Mosti have proven in their 4-year study that it is very much feasible in Sabah. Now get some fund and implement it already!

It will at least help alleviate some of the power supply issues we have in the state.

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