Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Do-Not-Call registry to launch January 2, 2014 in Singapore

Do you occasionally receive calls from individual or organisation purportedly representing a bank where you keep your account? I do.

On many occasions these individuals introduced themselves as representatives of Standard Chartered Bank, implying that they have the blessing of the bank to contact me to market of their products and services. I do not want this and I don't wish to be contacted by a telemarketer for insurance products.

In Singapore, a national Do-Not-Call (DNC) registry will be officially launched on January 2 next year. What this mean is that beginning next year, consumers wanting to opt out of telemarketing calls can register with a watchdog called PDPC and ensure their rights are protected.

Capture from my copy of The Straits Times, December 26, 2013.

Consumers can register to avoid getting unwanted calls, SMS and fax message. Telemarketers found to be guilty of defying the registry rules risk a maximum S$10,000 (RM25,975) fine.

I wish I could do that in Malaysia.


Meitzeu said...

Yup! SG always walk ahead. Agree with you, if only Msia have so.

Happy New Year to You!

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Angie said...

Ohh i simply hate it when these people call especially when one is in important meeting or doing something and they go bla bla bla.. i know they are doing their job, so i will just say sweetly.. am not interested and cut them off in mid-sentences.. haha..

de engineur said...

I think there is certain data protection act in Mslaysia enacted in 2010 but implement is a bit snail-paced.

Another example of non- implementation (very slow enforcement) of law is the Energy Efficiency Act (or something to that effect) gazetted in 2008 but as of today it has achieve very little.