Thursday, November 7, 2013

SAVE programme achieved energy-saving targets

What is SAVE Programme

SAVE or Sustainability Achieved via Energy Efficiency, is a program spearheaded by the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water (KeTTHA), to improve energy efficiency in Malaysia through several initiatives.

I posted an article two years ago here pertaining to the SAVE Programme and it's benefit. SOGO, a departmental store in Kuala Lumpur saved about RM80,000 monthly in energy bill by replacing the chillers with energy-efficient type.

What is SAVE objectives
  • To create a culture of efficient use of energy among general public and business entities.
  • To save daily energy costs by consumers from reduced energy consumption and manage growth energy demand.
  • To accelerate the transformation of consumer electrical appliances market and increase the share of Energy Efficient models in the market.
  • As one of the initiatives to mitigate GHG emissions reduction.

Programme appraisal

Energy, Green Technology and Water ministry said that the programme has succeeded in achieving energy-saving targets. The ministry listed the followings as its achievement:-
  • Cutting RM64.1 million of the overall cost for three electrical equipment – refrigerator , air conditioner and chiller.
  • Since its commencement in 2011, efforts to encourage the use of the five-star rating energy-efficient equipment, had also saved 246.4 GigaWatt hours (GWh) of electricity.
  • Emission of carbon dioxide has also been reduced by 167.6 million kg.
  • Energy-efficient equipment market share as at Dec 31, 2012 (after  2-year implementation): 
  • 40.8% for refrigerator,
    21.6% air-conditioner, and
    39.2% chiller
    Original targets we're 25% for refrigerator, 20% for air-conditioner and 39% for chiller.

17 brands of air-conditioner and 16 brands of five-star refrigerator have entered the market after the programme was launched, compared to only 6 brands previously.

TheGreenMechanics: In this perspective, the Programme clearly achieve its objectives. Cool!

Are you one of the lucky buyers of the qualifying energy-efficient air-conditioners or refrigerators, and enjoyed RM200 rebates?

Source: BERNAMA 

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