Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Apple announced new, thinnest iPad Air

Apple has announced the next iteration of its premium tablet, the iPad Air.

With thickness of just 7.5mm this could the thinnest full-sized tablet around

It claimed that the iPad Air is thinner, lighter and more powerful, befitting the new name. And the new tablet weighs just one pound (469 g), down from the fourth-gen model's 1.4 pounds (652 g). It also boasts a 43% thinner bezel and a 20% thinner profile. 

It is 8 times faster than the first-gen iPad, and graphics are 72 times faster. 

Thanks to MIMO, you should enjoy faster WiFi, and expanded LTE support from international carriers as well. So, this should be LTE compatible in Malaysia.

As expected, the new iPad Air sports a 9.7-inch Retina display with 64-bit architecture on board with more than 1 billion transistors, and there's an A7 processor under the hood along with an M7 motion chip.

iPad Air specifications and comparison

To have some idea of how this one differs from the previous iteration, here is the comparison:

Apart from faster processor and lighter body, there's not much to shout about.

Will I upgrade now?

Probably no. I'm happy with how my current iPad 3 perform, it serves the intended purpose and I have little complaint with its overall performance. Besides, iOS 7 works fine under the hood.

I'll wait for the next generation.


Rungitom said...

There is not that much difference with the predecessor eh?

People might want to hold it and keep an eye for the next ground-breaking product. People are looking for that rather than looking at the same thing in every launch.

de engineur said...

Next iteration would and should offer much improvement. Probably next year.