Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Interesting street-view of Shanghai

There are many places of interest in the busy city of Shanghai and it is totally unfair to force yourself to visit all of them in a span of just one or two days. A four- or five-day tour would be more like it.

I asked our host what is the population of Shanghai and was told that it's currently about 24 million. Compare this to Malaysia's (the whole country) 29 million people and you get the idea how condensed people are in the big city.

The followings are some of the not-so-glamorous selection of street photos during our visit:-

They say you miss the Oriental Pearl Tower and you've missed Shanghai. I tend to agree.

It maybe a modern city but there's nothing wrong capping a skyscraper with a piece of history.

Taxi drivers are in a 'cage' of their own, well protected. I think this is a good one to emulate.

This bear glass has Arabic wordings on it. I don't understand what is written there but it somehow feels awkward.[BTW, I don't drink]

In Shanghai, 'honking' seem to be the way of communication and you'll hear pretty much (or rather, too much) of them everywhere. So, that sign up there is necessary sometimes.

Ran out of idea for a catchy website name? Try numbers. They are unique, too.

Minimalist. An umbrella could be your taxi-stand shade when needed.

Smart idea - A trader using solar panel to power up his photo kiosk at The Bund. It costs you RMB20 to RMB40 per 8" frame.

Some people like the idea of a limousine as their wedding car

while...some prefer to wait for the taxi

UFO spaceship ready to 'sail' on Huangpu River? No, that's Mercedes-Benz Arena, the auto giant's show centre.

And...finally my favourite - Solar-powered road signage. It's cool and I like it.

Stay tuned. A posting of a different kind of captures will follow soon.


Anonymous said...

nice long ride! no pun intended

Arms said...

What were you doing there, man? Jalan-jalan cari makan or work? :D

Happy Wednesday!

de engineur said...

Hey Arms, we did both. Had an assignment there so took the opportunity to tag the family along.

LifeRamblings said...

i love Shanghai. there's always something interesting to see and do.

teh ramuan said...

tertarik dengan gambar terakhir tu
kalau kat sini, memang hilang dalam masa seminggu

de engineur said...

teh ramuan - mentaliti vandalisme masih sukar dibendung. Saya pernah lihat solar panel kecil (kira-kira 30Wp) dipecahkan walaupun diletak dalam protective cage.

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