Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy voting Malaysia! - Full list of State & Parliament constituencies in Sabah

Today, 5th May 2013, is the moment of truth.

Dubbed the mother of all elections, GE13 is the most eagerly (or fiercely) contested General Election in Malaysia and it promises many surprises and excitement. So, let's go fellow Malaysians! Vote for the future, it's my and your right.

Sabah has 25 Parliament, and 60 State constituencies.

Sabah comes second only to Sarawak in terms of number of seats (Parliament & State). The top 5 states a as follows:

Sarawak  : 31 (P), 71 (State)
Sabah      : 25 (P), 60 (S)
Johor      : 26 (P), 56 (S)
Perak      : 24 (P), 59 (S)
Selangor : 22 (P), 56 (S)

Full list of Parliament and State seats


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brick said...

cast your vote early, looks
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